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T-shirt Design
- Jul 12, 2018 -

T-shirt design must first master the basic process of T-shirt printing, as well as the producer's printing technology and the T-shirt printing equipment used. For example, T-shirts with colored fabrics have been printed with water-based glue coatings, but if the producers master the production technology of thermosetting plastic inks and purchase the corresponding equipment (mainly T-shirt printing machines, infrared dryers, Infrared T-shirt ovens, etc., he can use the thermosetting ink to print the color fabric T-shirt. The glue printing and thermosetting ink printing have different requirements on the design of the pattern. The glue can only be printed with a simple color block pattern, and the thermosetting ink can be printed with a screen transition tone, not only on a white T-shirt. The original color screen printing can also be used for spot color screen printing on dark T-shirts. If the pattern designed by the designer does not match the technical process mastered by the producer, the printed pattern will not reach the original intention and effect of the designer, or even print at all. Therefore, T-shirt designers must be masters of the T-shirt printing process, especially the excellent T-shirt designers will pay close attention to the development of the world's latest T-shirt printing and printing equipment and its technical features, so as to Fast speed uses the latest scientific and technological achievements to produce new and unique T-shirts.

In industrialized countries, T-shirt designers are often independent professionals. They started their own T-shirt designers or companies who sold their ideas and designs to T-shirt factories, T-shirt operators, advertising companies and more. Such T-shirt design companies often consider three issues when designing: 1. Customer requirements; 2. Using the latest T-shirt printing technology to achieve unique artistic effects; 3. Best cost profit margin.

Color tone screen printing technology has been popularized in China in recent years, and the screen printing technology has gradually been adopted in T-shirt printing. At the same time, the popularity and competition of computer desktop publishing systems have greatly reduced the production cost of color separation and screening. It is very convenient and cheap to make color separation and mesh. This progress is like printing from letterpress printing to offset printing in the printing industry. T-shirt designers have got rid of the design restrictions of color block patterns (except for glue printing), and have a larger creative space, whether it is photo effects or painting effects. Or the inkjet effect can be easily reproduced on the T-shirt through the screen printing technology today. This is an advancement in contemporary technology, and it also requires T-shirt designers to master digital technology.

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